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This week has been very busy in Primary 4! We have finished our class novel 'Yours Sincerely, Giraffe' and have spent time preparing for our costume party! Photos of the costume party will be posted on our P4 Twitter page when available and we hope the pupils have a lot of fun! The costumes are ... Continue reading "Primary 4 8.10.21"


Hello everyone, It has been another great week in P4. In reading, we have been working on developing our clarifying skills. Primary 4 know that there are many strategies we can try if we are unsure what something means and this week we had a go at using a Frayer model. The children did really ... Continue reading "Primary 4 1.10.21"


Hi everyone! Primary 4 have had a very busy week! In Writing the children completed their recount about crash landing on the moon and meeting an alien! We have been working hard to make sure we are using time words (first, then, next etc.) and reading over our work to make sure it all makes ... Continue reading "Primary 4 17.9.21"


This week in Primary 4 we've started our Scotland topic and the pupils were very excited to share what they want to learn about the country they live in! We had the Kelpies, why the unicorn is Scotland's national animal, the cities, the history, the landscape, the languages, and much more! We began by trying ... Continue reading "Primary 4 3.9.21"


Hello everyone! We have all had a lovely first week back and have enjoyed getting to know all of our new Primary 4's! The children have settled in really well to the routines of their new classrooms. We have read a couple of great stories this week. On Tuesday, we looked at a book called ... Continue reading "Welcome Back Primary 4!"


This week we have seen our caterpillars grow and become chrysalids! The pupils are all very excited that the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly is beginning and hopefully very soon we will have our beautiful butterflies. During our topic, we have been researching intently looking at different mini beasts which have been started to be ... Continue reading "Primary 4 11.6.21"


Hello everyone! It has been a very fun week in Primary 4. We have been enjoying watching our class caterpillars continue to grow. They are getting really big now! We looked at photos that we took of them on Day 1 and Day 5 and the differences were incredible! We are looking forward to watching ... Continue reading "Primary 4 4.6.21"


We have some new friends in Primary 4 this week to go along with our mini-beasts topic. Our happy little caterpillars have finally arrived and have been wiggling around and have settled in well to Primary 4. They are hungry wee caterpillars and we're hopeful that in no time at all we'll see them grow ... Continue reading "Primary 4 28.5.21"


Primary 4 has been a hotbed of hard work and creativity this week. We've been revising and learning new French words all to do with the weather. With the unpredictability of the weather this week, although maybe typical for Scotland, we have certainly seen a huge range to talk about in French. We've been developing ... Continue reading "Primary 4 21.5.21"


Hello everyone It has been a fun and interesting week in Primary 4. This week we have continued learning about our topic of mini beasts. Miss Clark's class learned a new ICT skill this week - making a Sway. We did this through Glow and told others all about ourselves. The children will use this ... Continue reading "Primary 4 14.5.21"


Hello everyone Although this week has been shorter we are still having a busy week in Primary 4. Our mini beasts topic is well underway and the children have been showing lots of enthusiasm about what they are learning during class discussions. This week we learned about "vertebrates" and "invertebrates". Many children had fantastic prior ... Continue reading "Primary 4 6.5.21"


This week has flown by in Primary 4 with the pupils being as busy and enthusiastic as ever. We started our new topic of Mini-beasts this week and the energy for the topic is sky high! We have had so many stories of mini-beasts and the knowledge of different insects is huge. We started off ... Continue reading "Primary 4 30.4.21"