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Primary 3 have been 'wow-ing' us with their skipping skills. They have been using French ropes, a long rope and ankle skipping equipment. We have all been so impressed with the improvement we have seen and experienced and look forward to next week where we can demonstrate our skills in front of the rest of ... Continue reading "Primary 3 4.9.20"


We are now firmly set in our new routines within Primary 3, with today marking our second whole week back in school with the new rules. There are lots of changes between Primary 3 and Primary 2 and so far, the children seem to be enjoying it. When they were asked what is the best ... Continue reading "Primary 3 28.8.20"


Hello Primary 3, we hope you are all feeling great and raring to go for the summer. You have nearly made it and we hope that you are super excited for the end of term! To mark the end of term, let us know how you are doing with your celebration plans and share with ... Continue reading "Primary 3 25 6 20"


Good morning Primary 3, it's Wednesday already! This week is flying by and it'll be Friday before you know it! I hope to see lots of you on our Class Chat today at 10am to hear all your stories and to find out what you are going to get up to over the summer. Miss ... Continue reading "P3 24 6 20"


Good morning Primary 3 and welcome to your last week as Primary 3s! We hope you have all had spectacular weekends and you are ready to make the most of your week before the summer holidays. Please make sure that you are enjoying yourselves and you take advantage of any great weather we have. Remember ... Continue reading "Primary 3 22 6 20"


Good morning Primary 3! What are you planning to do for your Free Time Friday today? Hopefully by now you have managed to complete most of the Sports Day activities and you have done, or are almost ready, to submit your points! Mrs Ferguson will let us know the House winner early next week. As ... Continue reading "Primary 3 Friday 19th June 2020"


How did we all like the Great Science Share yesterday? There was lots of amazing things to learn and even more impressive was all of the children from all over the country and the work and questions they have put into exploring Science over the last few months. If you submitted a question or work, ... Continue reading "Primary 3 18th June 2020"


Good morning and Super Science Share day to you all! Today is very exciting. If you have been following the Great Science Share and taking part in our weekly Science themes, the day has come to celebrate all things Science! Why not complete this form to be in with the chance of earning your very ... Continue reading "Primary 3 Wednesday 17th June 2020"


How are you all today Primary 3? I hope you managed to get some sports day activities completed yesterday? If not, don't worry, you have all week! The important thing to remember is to save all of your scores and submit them altogether on the online form. Today for Maths, we thought it would be ... Continue reading "Primary 3 Tuesday 16th June 2020"


Monday 15th June Good morning boys and girls! We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for our final two weeks of the term. This year, our last two weeks of P3 are looking very different to normal, however, we have some very exciting things coming up. Mrs Ferguson has been busy ... Continue reading "Primary 3 Monday 15th June 2020"


It's the end of the week Primary 3 and we have been incredibly impressed with all of the superb work you have been sending us and how much effort you are putting in, we're so proud of all of you. Please make sure you take time for yourselves as today you would be getting your ... Continue reading "P3 12 6 20"


Good morning Primary 3! It was fantastic to hear from you all yesterday, it definitely put an extra spring in our steps listening to your wonderful news and stories! For today's ocean themed activity we are getting our science on! We are asking, if you have the materials, to experiment with buoyancy. Before you begin, ... Continue reading "Primary 3 11 6 20"