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Have a Great Summer from Primary 6

Primary 6, we’re off for the summer!


It’s been an amazing year this year in Primary 6. We’ve had such an eventful time and trying to sum it up in a blog post has been difficult!

We began the year with Mrs Harman who moved on to new pastures and has been very successful in her new role. In losing Mrs Harman we gained a fabulous teacher in Mrs Hunter and she has been a real driving force in making this year a great year for the classes. Unfortunately she is also leaving at the end of this term and I know that I speak for the whole of Primary 6 when I say that she will be sorely missed and we wish her the absolute best for the future, good luck!

We have covered so many topics this year, from the Titanic to space to the Industrial Revolution and in true P6 style the pupils have thrown themselves into everything with enthusiasm and a sense of fun. We have had some huge Big Homework tasks, not least the Graphic Novels that have been worked on all term this term and we have been so impressed and in awe of the creativity, the artistry and the effort that pupils have made to create works that they should be incredibly proud of, well done!

The creativity has not stopped at Big Homework. As a year group it has been such a pleasure to work with such artistic and talented people. They have added their own flair into work throughout the year and they have made sure that they put individuality into what they have produced. The pupils have worked so well together and no matter what the groups were they have worked cohesively and worked co-operatively and that is a testament to the positive attitudes and relationships in the year group.

We hope that you all have an incredible summer, that you make the most of it and that we see the same creativity, enthusiasm and positivity throughout your year in Primary 7 and beyond, it has been a fantastic experience working with you all.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Scott and Mrs Harding for their superb work throughout the year. They always go above and beyond and they have given so much to Primary 6 over the course of the year, thank you!

Thank you very much Primary 6!

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