Good morning Primary Three, I hope we are all managing to access all of the resources so far and are having fun trying out the music resource from Monday’s blog post. No-one has said they had any problems with the multiplication in Maths involving carrying, but please let us know if you need a little refresher on this and we will be happy to post a little reminder.

Just a quick reminder of login details for the reading resource: then go to my class login.

Username: Mr Woodard   Password: Carmondean1

Username: Miss Smith123 Password: Carmondean1

An assignment has gone live for this week’s word boost words. If you have access to Teams, watch and listen to the story then see if you can write the definitions of the word boost words. The pdf of the power point we use on a Thursday will go up tomorrow with the answers!

Just for information, today also marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day.

Go to Have a look at the Earth Day Live Global Programme on this page to see if anything takes your fancy throughout the day! There are speakers, performances, meditation and street art, with everyone taking part, fighting to stop climate change.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodard.

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