Good morning everyone. I hope you have been keeping active at home. I’m sure this lovely weather will be helping with that.

Did you know that the London Marathon was meant to take place this Sunday , 26th April? Maybe you knew someone who was going to be taking part or you know someone who has completed this endurance running event  in the past.  It will hopefully take place later on this year.

A marathon distance is 26.2 miles. That’s like running from Livingston to Stirling Castle ( Wow!) Since no one can run the marathon this weekend some of the charities involved with the marathon have decided to set a 2 point six challenge and I’d like you to see if you can do any of these challenges?

or maybe even come up with your own based around the number 2.6 or 26.  eg

26 star jumps

balance on 1 foot for 2.6 secs ( or 2.6 minutes!)

Throw a ball to brother/sister 26 times

Here are some ideas from the website

Post a reply to let me know what you managed to do.

Mrs Ferguson


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