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Today’s Maths task is based on different number systems, focusing on the Roman number system. The Roman number system is slightly different to ours in that they used capital letters to represent their numbers. The letters are  I, V, X, L, C, D and M. See if you can use this to complete the worksheet today. Click on this link to be taken straight to the pdf Roman-numerals

or here is a screenshot of the sheet if you do not have software to download. 

In the files and Literacy tab in teams, the new word boost screens have been uploaded. See whether your answers to the definitions task set in the assignments are correct!

We have also uploaded a little lesson video on multiplication with carrying numbers. If you would like more of these, please let us know. Equally, if you found these helpful, or otherwise let us know so we can learn from this going forward. If they were a success, we may look to doing this and uploading more for more curriculum areas. Check out yesterday’s blog post and also your class Maths file on Teams for the videos.

Number Talks

2 x 50                                                                     3 x 50


4 x 50                                                                     50 x 50


8 x 50                                                                     53 x 50

53 x 48

Challenge Sum

84 x 352

Reading: Answer these True or False questions in full sentences. When you have completed these, make up at least 3 of your own for someone at home to try and find.

The Frog Prince

  1. The girl wanted a ball made of diamonds for her birthday.
  2. The girl lost her ball in a pond.
  3. The frog made the girl promise to give him the crown.
  4. The frog got the girl’s ball back.
  5. The girl did not say thank you to the frog.

Attack of the Buzzles

  1. The micro-friends were in an alien forest.
  2. The hid the ship by covering it in leaves.
  3. The loud rumbling sound was two giant crystal balls rolling by.
  4. Buzzles are only dangerous in swarms.
  5. Nok’s home was very far away.

Attack of the Centipede

  1. Tiger and Cat went to get a drink at the café.
  2. Compost helps plants to grow.
  3. Ant’s watch was working perfectly.
  4. Sydney is a giant Canadian centipede.
  5. Centipedes are carnivores.

Eric’s Talking Ears

  1. Eric’s Dad explained the stuff belonged to an old safari park guide.
  2. In Giraffe talk, two twitches and a waggle of both ears means your water hole has dried up.
  3. Eric’s Dad told him to throw the stuff away but Eric took the box home with him.
  4. Eric started using his ears to talk to 2 adult Elephants.
  5. The gazelles were confident and unafraid.

Clever Monkey

  1. Mr Otterbank, who was the head keeper, lost his big bunch of keys.
  2. The monkeys gave Mr Otterbank his keys back straight away.
  3. Sandy didn’t know what a fridge was.
  4. Dad said it sounded like a real old jumble sale.
  5. The monkeys had to break up into groups to see more of outside Monkey Land faster.

Did you do anything to mark World Earth Day yesterday? If so, let us know about it. Also, let us know if you have tried any of the Rights Respecting Schools Activities and don’t forget to share what you have done!

I have loved seeing all of the space work and science projects happening in P3S.

Have a lovely day and remember we are here to help,

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

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