How are you all Primary 3? Still keeping safe and well I hope! Happy Friday!

Every Friday, we will upload a challenge for our new technology topic (chosen by you). This will involve a tiny bit of research through reading or watching something and then an activity to go with the new information you have learned. Today’s challenge is a little introduction to technology.

We have seen lots of examples of you working through the activities on your learning grid which is great. Remember that Education City is also available to supplement Maths and Literacy too. Should you need a reminder of your password, please do not hesitate to message Mr Woodward and I. We will be happy to pass it on.

As you all are aware, we have our Rights Respecting Schools Article 24 as a focus for this week also. The theme with this is Health, water, food and the environment share using: #RRSA on Twitter, or share it on the RRSA Facebook community page.

West Lothian would also like to keep up to date with all of the amazing Health work we are doing, whether it be daily exercise, obstacle courses in the garden, baking and cooking or hand-washing to name a few. They would love to encourage you to share your work with them also following @WLHWBchamps on twitter and use the hashtag #WLHWBathome whenever you are doing anything HWB related.

Here is a little Friday Mental Maths. Time yourself to see how speedily and accurately you can solve the questions. You can choose which one you wish to do, or indeed, try both! Answers will be posted later today.







Also – don’t forget that today is a Friday, therefore, you have definitely earned your 30 minutes of free time today.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

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