Happy Vendredi Primary 1!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely time learning from home this week. It has been wonderful to see all of you working so hard and enjoying learning at home with your family. Thank you for continuing to share all of your hard work with us on the Learning Journals. We have shared some of the best work we have seen on the school blog and will continue to celebrate all of your efforts next week! Did anyone manage to go outdoors and see some of the signs of Spring of Spring this week? Maybe you were able to spot some daffodils, bumblebees and baby lambs in the fields? The weather has been beautiful, I hope you’ve all been outside enjoying the sunshine!

We will provide you with some fun new activities on Monday so it’s a great time to finish off any of the activities on the home learning grids this morning. We hope that you are finding the grids useful and that you are managing to access all of the resources you need. If you have any questions or feedback about the activities we are providing, please get in touch with us on the learning journals or school blog. Thank you for all of your support with this.

Fridays are truly the beginning of the weekend and it’s a great time to start winding down for some ‘Fun Family Friday��� time. We would like you to spend some quality time with your family today, whether that’s in the garden, going for a walk, baking a cake or playing a board game. It’s so important for us to stay healthy, happy and connected during this time. You could even perhaps give an aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend a phone call to catch up on what you have been getting up to at home this week.  Or you could write a letter to a friend or family member if you have time.

Get Set have posted some free resources, activities and challenges for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some examples of the active challenges you can take part in today:


  • Train to win activity sheet – keep kids active at home by challenging them to try a simple activity such as star jumps, jumping jacks or line jumps (jumping from one side of a line to the other with your feet together and knees bent) each day and track their personal best.
  • Domes and dishes – try to fun group game in the garden or living room to get active and explore the Olympic Value of respect. Use cones if available, or paper plates, books, or toys – anything that you can turn over!
  • Play Boccia – read the rules for the Paralympic sport of boccia and see if you can adapt and play a game in or outside of the house!
  • Winter team sports challenge – try these adapted (no snow required) versions of sports from the Olympic Winter Games.

The activity guides, information sheets and further information about these activities can be found in the document below:

Get active resources

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 1 teachers

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