Good morning!
We hope that you had a fantastic weekend with your family. What did you get up to? We hope that you managed to spend some time outside. Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham are all missing you so thank you so much to everyone who has posted on the Learning Journals to show us all your hard work. Every time we see a photo it makes us smile!

This week we are continuing our learning through the learning grid format.

Here are the literacy activities for the week:

Literacy Week 4

The maths activities:

Maths week 4

And some activities from other areas of the curriculum:

IDL Week 4

These learning grids will also be sent out through the Learning Journal messages where you can download them onto your computer, tablet or phone. This week we have trialed using a short video to teach new concepts in maths. Please let us know if this is helpful for the children. We are hoping to use this format more in the next few weeks and hope that it eases some of the teaching pressure at home. The video will be sent through a dropbox link in the Learning Journal messages. We will also be sending out a message with your child’s reading homework.
Thank you for all your support in this time. We really appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to maintaining some sort of normal at this time for the children.
Please let us know how we can support you.
The Primary 1 teachers.

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