Hello and happy Tuesday Primary 3! Hope you are all coping well this week with the activities and are enjoying your home learning! It’s been so nice to hear about all your work and to be getting regular updates about how you are all doing, keep sending us updates as we love to hear about it! We are planning, if you can access Teams, to do a check-in for each class on Wednesday at 1:30. To join you will need to log in to Glow and get onto Teams. Click onto your own classes page and then a message will pop up when the chat is starting, please make sure that you join with audio only and during the chat you and those at home with you will be able to share what you’ve been up to and ask questions and have a catch up with the rest of your class.

Please remember to write the answers to your comprehension in full sentences and try and use your joined up writing.  The comprehension questions will also be up as assignments in Teams.

The Frog Prince Comprehension

  1. Why do you think the Princess didn’t want the Queen to open the door? (p.12)
  2. What did the Frog want the Princess to do? (p.14)
  3. Where did the Princess want the Frog to sleep and where did the Frog end up sleeping? (p.18)
  4. When did the Frog turn into a Prince? (p.19)
  5. Who turned the Prince into a Frog? (p.20)

Attack of the Buzzles Comprehension

  1. What did the button on Cat and Tiger’s watches do? (p.18)
  2. Where did the swarm buzz? (p.19)
  3. Who was swallowed up by the Buzzles? (p.21)
  4. When did the plants brighten up? (p.23)
  5. Why did the Buzzles not hurt Nok?

Attack of the Centipede Comprehension

  1. Why could Ant not put his hand in the wormery?
  2. How does the story describe Sydney’s pincers?
  3. What did Tiger use to defend himself against Sydney?
  4. Where did Ant find the tape measure?
  5. Why was Ant sorry to Tiger?

Eric’s Talking Ears Comprehension

  1. What horrified Eric on page 32?
  2. Where did the elephants want to escape to?
  3. What were the dreadful thoughts that Eric had?
  4. Why were the animals angry at Eric?
  5. Who was the one animal that would still talk to Eric by the end?

Clever Monkey Comprehension

  1. How did the monkeys disguise themselves?
  2. What safety advice did the monkeys get from Milton?
  3. How did the monkeys feel when they went into the van?
  4. Why did the monkeys drive away with the van?
  5. Who did the monkeys get help from?

Now try to make up at least 3 of your own comprehension questions for someone at home to try.

Your Word Boost Story will be posted in Teams in the Word Boost folder.

Your Number Talks for today:

5 x 5                                                       5 x 200

5 x 10                                                     20 x 200

5 x 30                                                     25 x 200

5 x 29                                                     25 x 199

Challenge Sum

59 x 638

The solution to yesterday’s Number Talks will be posted as an instructional video in Teams.

There were different possibilities for the answers for your Problem Solving from yesterday but here is one possible combination you could have had:

8              1              6              =15

3              5              7              =15

4              9              2              =15

=15         =15         =15

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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