Happy Vendredi Primary 1!

This morning we thought it would be a nice idea for you to explore Glasgow Science Centre’s video on how to create your own bird feeder. There are bound to be lots of hungry birds in your own garden so why not make them feel at home with a handmade bird feeder? Maybe you could even try to identify some of the birds you see in your garden and make a note of how many birds visit each day?  If you are interested, Glasgow Science Centre also will be bringing a bit of science into your home every day at 10am to help keep everyone inspired in these challenging times, so please feel free to explore some of their other videos too.

Link to Glasgow Science Centre website: https://www.glasgowsciencecentre.org/gsc-at-home

The bird feeder will allow you to give the birds in your local area a helping hand while recycling some materials you have at home. You can access the Glasgow Science Centre’s bird feeder video by following the link below:


For this activity you will need:

  • a clean yogurt pot
  • seeds (or you can also use nuts/raisins/sultanas/apples/bananas)
  • string
  • a pencil
  • a bowl
  • lard (or substitutes like peanut butter, almond butter mixed with flour or vegetable/beef suet)

When you have created your bird feeder, think about how the materials you have used feel. For example are they sticky, squidgy, soft, fluffy, hard, rough, wet, light or heavy? We would love to see some examples of your bird feeders on the learning journals! Maybe you could even take a picture of a hungry bird eating the seeds?

If you would like to access the step by step guide you can follow the instructions in the document below:

How To Make A Bird Feeder

Thank you for all of your support,

Primary 1 teachers

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