Bonjour primary 3! Aujourd’hui cest mercredi vingt neuf avril, we’re nearly into May! We hope that your week has been interesting and productive so far and it has been so lovely chatting to you all and seeing examples of the work you’ve been doing. We couldn’t be more proud of how hard you’ve been working and how much enthusiasm you’ve shown! We will put the work you’ve been sending in the Class photos file in Teams for you to all have a look at. If you are able to, we will be doing a check-in on Teams today at 1:30 and we hope to chat to you all then. If you can’t make it today we will do another check in on Monday with a time still to be decided.

For your maths for today we are looking at 3D shapes and their properties. Try to do what you can of the work task and then watch this short video which explains some of the more difficult shape words that we haven’t yet covered in class to finish off filling in the table:

For each reading book here is a writing task for you to complete, please remember capital letters and full stops, joined writing and correct spelling. Write at least half a page of A4 for your writing but please feel free to write more if you can.

The Frog Prince

This story is all about being a good friend. Your writing task is to write about a time you have been a good friend to someone. Describe where you were, who you were with, what happened and how you felt during what was happening.

Attack of the Buzzles

In Attack of the Buzzles they land on a strange alien planet. Write a story about you exploring a strange alien planet. What does it look like, are there aliens there and what do they look like and sound like? How does it feel to be on a strange planet? What do you do on the planet?

Attack of the Centipede

In the story Tiger is shrunk and has an adventure with a centipede. Your writing task is to pretend you have been shrunk and placed in your garden/ a local park. What creatures might you see and what do they look like when you are small? How do you feel as you explore the world around you and describe in detail how everything looks after you have been shrunk. What kind of an adventure might you have where you are in your story?

Eric’s Talking Ears

Eric is able to talk to animals at the zoo who then try and escape the zoo. Your writing task is to imagine you are one of the animals and you do end up escaping the zoo. What animal are you, describe yourself. Where do you go and what do you do when you escape the zoo? How did it feel to live in the zoo and how does it feel now that you are out of the zoo? What kind of adventures do you go on outside the zoo?

Clever Monkey

Clever Monkey is a story about a family going on an adventure together. Your writing task is to write a story about an adventure you are going to go on with a member of your family. Where would you go and who would you go with? What would you do on your adventure and make sure to use lots of descriptive words.

Here are your Number Talks for today – a solution to yesterday’s problem will be posted in files on Teams:

3 x 5                                                                       10 x 10

3 x 10                                                                     10 x 30

3 x 9                                                                       2 x 30

12 x 29

Challenge Sum

39 x 92

Thank you for your continued support and hard work,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward


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