Hello Primary 2 and Happy Friday!

We hope you have been getting through the activities and games on your grids and have managed to tick some of them off. We have seen some fantastic work on the Learner’s Journals.

It’s the 1st day in May today which means you have an extra long weekend!! Monday and Tuesday (for pupils) are school holidays so no new work or feedback will be given out until Wednesday when we will issue the next fortnight’s activities.

If you have been very busy and have run out of space in your jotter, new ones will be available next week and Ms Millar has issued details of how to obtain these.

We often watch our weekly episode of Newsround at milk/story – maybe you could watch it with someone at home.


It is Friday today and I am sure you will not have forgotten that means Freetime Friday!! Has anybody lost any time from their teachers at home?Sometime we put a bit of dancing music on at Freetime Friday. What about some Just Dance? Here are some of our favourites

Have a good weekend Primary 2 and we will catch up with you on Wednesday.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

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