Good morning boys and girls! Well, it is now May! Can anyone remember how to say “the first” in French? Let’s see who remembers and can tell us!

Today is Friday, so that means you have to make sure you get some free time today!  We have a special job for you today. Your special job is to make sure all of the adults at home have some free time to themselves today, because they have been working just as hard as you this week! Especially helping us with our class chats on Wednesday! Can you do that!?

Today we have a little Friday challenge to keep you busy next week. It is about the Hubble space telescope and we hope you enjoy learning about it. It was Hubble’s birthday last week. Can anyone find out what age Hubble is? There are a few links for you to investigate to help you with your research.

Link to Pdf and screenshot of challenge:

Critical Skills Challenge Hubble

We also have a little mental Maths test for you to complete. I will upload the answers later on in the day for you to check your work. You can choose whether to do Number 2 or Number 16 this week.







Please remember it is a holiday for you next Monday and Tuesday, so there will be no new work posted for you on these days. If you are treating it like a normal day, there are plenty of activities for you to work on, in your learning grid and on Education City.

We will speak to you again on Wednesday, where we will have another class check-in online at 1:30pm. If you are free it would be lovely to welcome you and hear your news. Remember to join with microphones and videos off. We are really looking forward to it!

Thank you all for such a productive week and we hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

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