Bonjour Primary 2!
We hope you have had a lovely, long weekend and have been able to get out and enjoy some sunshine. Attached below is a new grid for learning Literacy, Numeracy and Across the Curriculum for the next 2 weeks. However, we know that this is only a short week because of the holiday so you will not complete as many tasks. We are delighted to see some of you uploading photos to your Learner’s Journal to share your learning – thank you and keep up the good work! Please also remember to take time for play, rest, fun and family activities. The learning grids are a guide and can be adapted to suit your child’s needs and your individual family circumstances.
Rex and Mufasa Learning Grid 04.05.20
Woody Pumba Buzz Simba Learning Grid 04.05.20
For Woody, Pumba, Buzz and Simba groups – you will be looking at play scripts this week. Here is the short playscript mentioned on the learning grid for you to read and maybe even act out with members of your family!
You may also enjoy watching a pantomime to see a play in action. What are the characters in it? What is the setting and can you come up with some of the stage directions that may be used?
Also, on the Learning Across the Curriculum grid there is an experiment to try. Here are the details:
If you are in need of a brain break at any point – here are some of your favourites from school. I am sure they will make someone in your family giggle!
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions either through this blog or by sending a message through Learner’s Journals.
Thank you for continuing support,
Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty
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