Happy Monday Primary 3! We hope you have had a fantastic weekend and you made the most of it. Did you celebrate VE day? If you did let us know how you celebrated, we’d love to get some photos up on the blog to show off! Thank you for all of your hard work it has been great to see all the work you have been sending us in, we couldn’t be prouder of all of you!

For today how about creating a space scene using paint, paper and potatoes. If you have any potatoes that you aren’t going to eat, cut the potatoes into a range of shapes (with adult help!) that are space themed and you can design a planet and some aliens that could live on your potato are planet. Here is a  short video to show you how to do this:


Here are today’s Number Talks:

4 x 11                                        10 x 15

4 x 9                                          12 x 25

4 x 21                                        14 x 54

13 x 42

Challenge Sum

547 x 65

Thank you for all your continued hard work and dedication,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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