Good morning Primary 1s

Today is Mardi. Can you say that? Have a look outside the window and see if you can describe the weather in French. Here are some helpful phrases:

Quel temps fait-il?  (What is the weather like?)

Il fait beau (It is nice)

Il fait froid (it is cold)

Il fait gris (it is grey)

Il fait chaud (it is hot)

Il pleut (it’s raining)

Il neige (it’s snowing)

If you want a reminder of how to say some of these words and some alternative phrases, this video will help

There are a lot more phrases in this video than we would normally teach, but it is helpful to listen to French being spoken to understand pronunciation. Have a go repeating the French phrases and don’t worry if you can’t remember them all!

Today, if you have time, we would like you to have a look at this video

It is a super music lesson where you will learn to create different rhythms. The teachers had a go and found it really tricky! Hopefully you can do better than us!

We hope that you have a lovely day. Please remember that although school work is important, it is more important that you are keeping happy and safe.

Thank you for all your continued support.

The Primary 1 teachers

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