Good morning Primary 1!

We hope you are all having a lovely time at home and are continuing to enjoy all of this beautiful sunshine. We hope you have all managed to access the 3 weekly learning grids and are enjoying exploring some of the activities on there. Make sure you are still leaving lots of time for relaxing, playing and helping out at home too.

We would be grateful if you could all take the time to complete West Lothian Council’s School Meal survey 2019-2020 : . The survey is very short and won’t take much time to complete!

The Rights Respecting School article of the week is focusing on Article 14 – Freedom of thought, belief and religion. Have a conversation about times your views have been listened to and your choices respected. Can you name all of the places you feel welcome? Now it’s time to choose from one of the RRS suggested activities for this week:

  • Thoughts and beliefs are usually really important to people. Write down some things you believe in strongly. Share these with your family or discuss them with your friends.
  • Food choices are really important to some people. Find out about the food rules of veganism or a specific religion. If you have the ingredients at home, why don’t you have a go at making a dish with your family? Watch this video from the BBC and its humorous exploration of food and religion
  • List as many religions as you can think of. Do you know what symbols are linked with these religions? Have a go at drawing them if you can.
  • Why do you think religious buildings are important? Think of and draw a building that is important to you or make a sculpture of one of these buildings using things you can find around the house (old cereal boxes, empty toilet roll etc.). This could be a religious building like a church or a temple, or even a school or a library. Write a sentence or two about why this building is important to you.

If you would like some further information about these activities then you can download this week’s pack by following this link:

Previous sets (Article 24, Article 12 and Article 7 are still available if you would prefer to choose one of these activities instead!). We would love to see some examples of your work on the Learning Journals! Thank you for continuing to share your work with us!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Primary 1 teachers

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