Bonjour et happy vendredi Primary 3! The weather has been lovely to finish the week off and I hope that for your long weekend the weather continues to stay bright and beautiful and you can all get out in your gardens or take a safe and socially distant walk around some of your favourite walking spots!

Remember that Monday is a holiday so no work will be posted and we don’t expect you to do anything work related at all, enjoy the extra day and we will look forward to hearing all about your long weekend next week when we get back!

If the weather does turn bad, or if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands and you’re feeling creative, why not try this painting and drawing activity. First take a paper and a paintbrush and a paint colour of your choice. Then just let your brush wander over the paper and for even more randomness don’t look at the paper when you are putting paint on it. Then use the random patterns you’ve made to create a picture using coloured pens/ pencils/ crayons/ different paints? The great thing is this will be different every time! Here is a few examples courtesy of Art Angel:

Mental Maths today are as follows, remember to time yourselves to see if you can beat your time taken to complete! Answers will be posted in Teams Files later on in the day.



Your new challenge this week is based on the ‘transport’ aspect of technology you chose to learn about. We will be beginning with learning about the Steam Engine and James Watt’s part in improving this.  Link to Pdf is below, and has been uploaded to Teams files. Please let us know if there are any problems accessing this.

Critical Skills Challenge Steam Engine

Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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