Good morning Primary 1!

We hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed getting some fresh air. The Primary 1 teachers have been very busy. Miss Cunningham went out for some walks and spotted a few ducks and Miss Daun went out for a cycle to the reservoir. Miss Christy went for a walk in the Pentlands with her dog and she spotted some of the zebras from Edinburgh Zoo on her walk up Corstorphine hill! Here are some pictures of what we were up to:


We are all missing you all very much and it has been lovely to see how well you are all getting on at home. We are all proud of how hard you are working and thank you again for all of your lovely feedback on the Learning Journals.

This week in literacy we are having a consolidation week. This means that we will be revisiting some of the sounds we have learned already to make sure they are fully understood. We will be looking at the ee, oo and ck sounds this week and you will find the blending activity attached below. For reading we decided to create a little non-fiction book for you about farming. The comprehension questions will be attached in the messages section of the Learning Journals. Here are the literacy resources:


blending (1)

lifeonthefarm2 (1)

This week in maths we will be focusing on learning half past on a digital clock. Miss Christy has also created a fun video for you to learn all about odd and even numbers. Please find the maths resources for this week below:

Maths home learning grid 19.5.20 (2)

Half past digital clock worksheet

We are also beginning a new topic of interdisciplinary learning. We are going to start looking at farming (the different types of farms, the job of a farmer, products we get from farm animals and crops, and how farms in Scotland are different from farms in other countries etc). Please find the interdisciplinary home learning grid below:

IDL Week 7 (2)

Thank you again for continuing to share all of your hard work with us! It brings a huge big smile to our faces when we get to see your work at home!

Primary 1 teachers

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