Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a restful Monday and are ready for some new activities this week.

Reminders for this week:

  • We have our class online check-in tomorrow on Teams at 10am.
  • Carmondean Primary School have registered with Get Set. This will allow families to get active together at home and log their activity to their school team. There will be chances to win weekly prizes, for teams to beat weekly goals and also share their activity to win amazing prizes like fitness trackers. Set out below are instructions as to how to register your activity.· Click on the following link· Click on the families tab

    · Click on Find school and enter the post code EH54 8PX. Carmondean should pop up and you should click on the name and press submit.

    · You will then see a list of teams by primary stage. The school team option is for the staff and their families to log their activity too so we are all taking part! Log your activity and we are all set!

  • Annual Council Survey on use of school meals accessed here: WLC Survey

Article of the week:

Article 28 – The Right to an Education.

Some of the activities include watching: Be a Mr Jenson for inspiration on what makes a good teacher. Can you think of words to describe what a really good teacher would be like?

Do the same as above, but this time, think of words to describe what a really good learner would be like.

Imagine you have been asked to create your ideal lesson timetable for a day or a week at home or in school. Plan it out and decide what you would include and what you would leave out. Make sure it will provide children with a really good quality education!

Watch The Right to Education and use it to write a poem about education and learning.

Go have a look at The Book of Hopes and read through some of the poems and short stories together. Choose one you like best and teach someone else about it and why it stood out to you.

Maths: Remember there are instruction videos in the Teams Files. Please ask if you need reminders for any of the work. We would be happy to make a resource to help, or even meet online to discuss problems.

Addition Carrying 10s and 100s


Keep working hard Primary 3, we are so proud of you,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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