Ca va Primary 3?

I hope you are all well and are looking forward to a quick online check-in today. I know we are! It is the highlight of our weeks! Remember to log on to Teams today at 10am to tell us your news and how you all are.

For a little bit of Science, why not get involved with Dr Chip’s Daily Dose, at 10am there is a link to follow for today for ‘Wonder Wednesday’, looking at ‘Biomimicry’ taking inspiration from nature for engineering.

Mrs Fox has also given us a little Art lesson should you wish to try it out.

Drawing a symmetrical Mask. The video guide can be accessed here: Symmetrical Mask Guide and the outline can be downloaded from here:Symmetry Mask Outline.

Word Boost Word definitions has been added to assignments in Teams. The words are as follows:

Cat’s Ahoy – Miss Smith’s Class:

Verbs: clamp, steer, quiver, abandon

Adjectives: silent, solemn

Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary – Mr Woodward’s Class:

Nouns: directions, souvenir

Verbs: drift, glisten

Adjectives: rickety, glum

Writing: For this week’s writing we are jumping back into space and we are going to spend a day on the International Space Station. Watch this short video to see 2 real astronauts on the ISS and what they get up to on board –

Write a diary entry of at least half a page of A4 about a day in space. What would you do during the day, what things would you see, who would you speak to and what would you say, how would you enjoy yourselves, what would it feel like and how would a day on the ISS make you feel? Remember to SHOW the reader what you see and do, don’t just tell them. Use your descriptions and choose the best words!

Maths: For today’s maths we are looking at Tesselation. Tesselation is the creation of patterns using shapes tiled together, e.g.

Your challenge is to create your own tesselation pattern. You can draw the shapes, using a ruler for straight lines, you can use Paint or another art programme on your computer, or you could go outside and create a tesselated pattern in your garden using natural materials.

Today’s Number Talks:

3 x 8                        2 x 325

2 x 6                        2 x 300

8 x 6                        6 x 300

Challenge Sum

362 x 28

Have a great day, and looking forward to speaking with you all.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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