Bonjour! Aujourd’hui, c’est Jeudi vingt et un Mai,

Today would have been our first day doing our P3 residential!

Because of this, we thought it would be fun to have a look at some of the places we would have been, as well as some of the activities we would have done over the next 2 days.

If you were set to be on the residential, today we would have been paying a visit to Linlithgow Palace, St Michael’s Parish Church and the Linlithgow Canal Centre, all of which are full of interesting facts and history. A tourist video and Pdf of information are included below.

Linlithgow Palace  investigating-linlithgow-palace

In the original overnight residential, you would have had to carry your bags and cases up to your rooms, so why not carry your suitcases up and down your stairs a few times. Also, in the original overnight residential, you had a bed to make – next time your bedding is washed, put your own covers back on for practice!

We also would have had a play in the park and fed the ducks, so have a play in your back garden if you have one, or go on a walk with your family. As we walked around the lock, we would have completed a ‘treasure hunt’, so why not make up a treasure hunt for someone in your family. Or even better, get someone in your family to make one up for you!

At night time today, we would have had a talent show and disco. Why not get dressed up in your party clothes, put the music on, turn the lights down and have a house disco. Break it up with some entertainment and show your family some of your best talents!

Remember to go to bed early – you are exhausted with having had such an exciting day. No talking after lights out and you sleep soundly until about 7am! (This is not how it usually goes! :))

If you are skipping the residential, here’s some school work instead:

Why not check out this web page from the Scottish Opera. I know so many of you are natural born performers and you love to sing, dance and perform. This company are putting together a virtual opera and they are teaching you the songs, dances and acting parts as the weeks go along. The final performance will take place from people’s homes all over the country. If you want to take part in this too, you can. If not, you can just enjoy learning the songs, and storyline of this opera.

Word Boost answers:

Cat’s Ahoy – Miss Smith’s Class:

Verbs: clamp If you clamp something you hold it tightly in place, steer When you steer something you make it go the way you want it to go, quiver If something quivers it shakes with small movements, abandon if you abandon something you leave it behind forever.

Adjectives: silent No sound is made at all, solemn If someone is solemn they are very serious and not happy or funny.

Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary – Mr Woodward’s Class:

Nouns: directions Instructions that tell you where to go or what to do, souvenir something you buy or keep to help you remember a holiday, place or event.

Verbs: drift To move slowly without trying, glisten If something glistens it usually shines because it is wet or oily.

Adjectives: rickety Something weak and shaky and likely to fall apart, glum You are a bit sad or disappointed.


Rewrite these sentences changing the underlined word to a different adjective. These tasks will also be posted in Teams.

Don’t Press the Buttons

  1. “I know what we can do!” said Nok.
  2. It was a huge room on the bottom deck of the ship.
  3. Max spotted a strange machine.
  4. Max was scanned by rays of bright light.
  5. “Cool! said Ant.

The Empty Palace

  1. In front of them was a magnificent building with tall glass windows.
  2. He ran towards a door at the front of the building.
  3. It was very quiet.
  4. He picked up a thin, metal object that was on one of the thrones.
  5. Suddenly there was a loud.

The Sands of Akwa

  1. He breathed in the warm, salty air.
  2. They looked around but the beach was empty.
  3. Silently, four strange creatures stepped out from behind the rocks.
  4. They were tall, with spotted skin and eyes the colour of the sea.
  5. Just then a huge shadow was cast over the beach.

Tom Thumb and the Football Team

  1. She tucked Tom into an eggshell cradle and she was happy.
  2. If you’ll stop spoiling those currants you can see how I make a nice pudding for your father’s dinner.
  3. That water was hot.
  4. “Bless us all!” she said. The pudding’s alive! Help!”
  5. That somebody was a hungry tinker passing by.

Stinky Street

  1. He loved living on Stanley Street. Everyone was friendly.
  2. His house was warm and friendly and it had just been painted, worse luck.
  3. “So am I,” Franklin grumbled.
  4. “Something smells horrible and I don’t know what it is,” she said.
  5. “Ugh, what’s that disgusting smell?” he asked.

Numeracy: In today’s Numeracy we will be looking at subtracting using chimney sums. There will be an instructional video posted to Teams to show you how to do them if you are unsure, please ask if you can’t get the video via Teams.


Subtraction Mild


Subtraction Hot


Subtraction Spicy

Number Talks

3 x 26                      4 x 25

6 x 26                      6 x 25

9 x 26                      6 x 325

Challenge Sum

693 x 42


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