Good morning happy campers! How did we all sleep last night? I am sure you all slept better than you would have, had we actually been staying over at Lowport as per the original residential, but I also know you would have been exhausted after yesterday’s activities following the new alternate Lowport ‘camp’ experience anyway!

Did anyone have a disco in their house? We would love to hear about it if you did!

Remember to strip your bed today and tidy your room. There will be a room inspection so everything should be back in its rightful place!

Today would have been a lovely sunny day and a trip to Beecraigs Country Park to do some activities with the ranger. Why don’t you try to:

  • Make a home for a woodland creature of your choice. Try to make it from natural materials and test it to see whether you have made it waterproof.
  • Play some natural naughts and crosses and ask someone to play it with you. Make it out of natural materials.
  • Go a nature walk. Note down any signs of animals you see along the way. Look for tracks, holes and clues that show they are around.
  • We wouldn’t do this at Beecraigs, but how about having a little campfire with your family. Tell stories and toast marshmallows (If you have any).

Work for today should you wish to be staying at school:

Mental Maths – try to time yourself to see if you can beat your score:







Answers will be posted later in the day.

Topic Challenge: This week we are looking at cars and all things motoring! your challenge is to create a timeline of cars from the first car ever to the first car in space and everything in between! Obviously it is a huge topic so only choose a few cars to include in your timeline unless you want to try and get them all in! The Challenge will also be in the Topic folders in Teams.

Critical Skills Challenge Motor Cars

Well done everyone for taking part in an exhausting few days at camp! Remember to share your experiences and we will speak to you again next week.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

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