Hello Primary 3! We hope you’ve had a lovely and well rested time over the weekend and you managed to make the most of it. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve sent us, for all the messages and interactions we’ve had from you, it has been wonderful to see how hard you’ve been working so thank you!

Please see here for the new Home Learning Grid:


This should see you up until the Summer Holidays, should we need it to last this long. The grid includes things you would have been learning in class had we still been there. We will continue to post daily Numeracy, Literacy, RRS and extra tasks, however, the activities on the grid can be done in jotters, on paper, or as you see fit. Please complete what you can of it and do what fits with your schedule and family life. There is no expectation that every single activity is completed or indeed that the ones completed are shared with us. We are happy to see your work should you wish to record it for us and send it. Please remember we are always on hand to help out if you need any reassurance or have any questions.  Thank you P3! We hope you enjoy the activities.

Rights Respecting Schools Article of the week: Article 15 Freedom of Association with a focus on setting up or joining groups.

  • During these times it can be difficult to stay in touch with other young people and groups that we are part of. Make a list of 5 children that you would like to get in contact with. Write them a letter or video call them this week to find out how their week has been.
  • Think about a group or club you are part of. Create a poster or leaflet to encourage other people to join. Make sure to list all of the reasons why it is a good idea to join this group.
  • The word ‘association’ is interesting. You have perhaps heard of the Football Association (FA) or the Automobile Association (AA) Look up the meaning of ASSOCIATION and explain to somebody in your home what it means.
  • How does the following short clip relate to article 15. Can we learn anything from it? Article 15

This week is National Children’s Gardening week which means, should the weather be good, there is plenty of things for you to do outside or inside to get into nature and gardening! Some of the ideas mean having seeds to plant but there are plenty that you can do without having access to seeds too, including colouring and some recipes you could try out! This website has many ideas for things to try and we will be highlighting one of our favourite ideas each day: https://www.childrensgardeningweek.co.uk/fun-things-to-do/

For today why not try making stone garden markers so that when you can grow your own plants you can leave your marker where different plants are?

And some problem solving for this morning:

Reading: Read the second half of your book if you haven’t done so already. A reminder of the books you should be reading:

Level 6 – Don’t Press the Button

Level 7 (Blue Group) – The Empty Palace

Level 8 – The Sands of Akwa

Level 10 (Red Group) – Tom Thumb and the Football Team

Level 11 (Yellow Group) – Stinky Street

Spelling Words

Spelling Words Week Beginning 25th May 2020

And your Number Talks for today:

2 x 36                                     3 x 15

4 x 10                                     10 x 15

4 x 6                                       13 x 10

4 x 36                                     13 x 5

13 x 15

Challenge Sum

632 x 54

We hope you continue to work with the same levels of effort and enthusiasm and thank you for all you have been doing, we’re very proud of all of you!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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