Good morning Primary 1s!
How are you all? We hope that you are keeping well and are managing to have some fun as well as complete some work. The weather forecast is lovely for the whole week and so we hope that you are able to get outside each day to play and enjoy the sunshine. Today we would like you to continue working through the learning grids we posted yesterday.
We have also created a ‘word boost’ story for you to listen to today at some point. Maybe you could stop for ‘milk and story’ midway through the morning like we do in school? The story is called Grandad’s farm and is all about a girl called Jaz who visits her Grandad’s farm to help out.

Grandad’s Farm story and word boost

As you listen can you look out for the words:
– sowing
– mucking out
– coop
– free range
– cultivator
These are all farming related words and will deepen your understanding of farms and the life of a farmer. At the end of the PowerPoint I will explain what each of the words means but why don’t you have a think about if you have heard them before and have a guess at their meaning before listening.

When you open the link you will be taken to the Powerpoint, click on  view slideshow from the beginning and after a few seconds I will start reading the story. We suggest that you listen to the story twice, once to get an understanding of what happens and to hear the ‘word boost’ words and their definitions, and a second time when you can try to spot the words as they are read.

Have a lovely day boys and girls and we can’t wait to see some pictures on the Learning Journals later of all the fun things you have got up to.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

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