It’s Tuesday, it’s mardi, it’s already nearly the middle of the week! We have been delighted with the hard work and creativity you have all been showing us across these last few months and we hope you have enjoyed doing everything as much as we have enjoyed seeing it.

For today’s Children’s Gardening Week activity, if you have the materials, create a a fairy house for your garden. You will need a plantpot, or just something you can paint and can stand on its own, and some paints. Once it’s done leave it in your garden and wait for the fairies to come!

Spelling: Phonics stories have been uploaded to teams.

Reading: Answer these true or false questions based on your reading books. If the statement is false write the correct statement underneath using full sentences. Make up 3 of your own when you are finished.

Don’t Press the Button

  1. There’s a lever on the ship that makes it go backwards and forwards.
  2. The Fabricator made Max a spacesuit.
  3. The spacesuits had 5 buttons.
  4. Tiger’s spacesuit had wings and Max’s had a holo-board.
  5. Ant made the room fill with basketballs.

The Empty Palace

  1. The kids found out Nok is a King.
  2. Nok’s parent’s had gone missing.
  3. Badlaw was the one who kidnapped Nok’s parents.
  4. Wooden legs and arms grew out of the Krool’s body.
  5. Arkon, The Small One, could help to get Nok’s parents back.

The Sands of Akwa

  1. When they arrived on Akwa the beach was full of animals.
  2. Livi was an Akwan warrior who met the group on the beach.
  3. The screaming Raptiss made the Akwans fly off into the air.
  4. The group split up with Tiger and Cat shrinking and running to the cliffs.
  5. The two Raptiss ended up teaming up together to chase the group.

Tom Thumb and the Football Team

  1. Tom was put into a cradle made up of cupcakes.
  2. Tom got stuck into the pudding and thrown out the house.
  3. Tom’s Mum gave him a bath inside of a thimble.
  4. Tom ended up making friends with King Arthur.
  5. King Arthur drove Tom back to his village to find his parents.

Stinky Street

  1. Franklin lives on a street with a brick wall on one end and it overlooks an ice cream shop.
  2. Chicken and Rhubarb pies are made on Thursdays.
  3. Mr Bragg wanted to buy Franklin’s house.
  4. Franklin wanted Mr Bragg to buy the house more than anything.
  5. Franklin’s Mum danced around with fairy lights on her head after Mrs Cox came to visit.

Maths – Subtraction

Please see Teams files instructional videos for an example of the ‘spicy’ and  ‘hot’ worksheet which involves decomposition (breaking down numbers and carrying them to different columns.)Please choose your challenge. If you do not feel confident with trying decomposition sums, stick with the ‘mild’ choice as we did not spend much time at all on this in class.




Spicy TO-O with help boxes

Hot – Extreme challenge

Hot TO-TO with help boxes 1

Here are your Number Talks for today:

2 x 7                                       2 x 16

4 x 7                                       10 x 16

3 x 7                                       10 x 14

7 x 7                                       2 x 14

14 x 16

Challenge Sum

374 x 62

Thank you for all your hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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