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It is set to be another sunny day and therefore let’s look at sun safety and how we can enjoy the sun in a safe way. There are several good things about the sun. It gives us vitamin D, it is good for our minds to learn and play outdoors, it keeps us warm and it helps plants grow. We do need to be very careful though. The sun’s UV rays can harm our skin. Have you ever been sunburnt before? If so you will know how painful it can be. You can be safe in the sun by wearing adequate clothing for example shorts and t-shirt and putting sun cream on any areas of skin that are not covered. A hat is also very important to protect the top of your head from the sun. Playing in the shade where possible is also a good idea and remember to drink lots to stop you getting dehydrated.

We have included an additional sun safety task for those of you who wish to do it. You will find a sun safety poster challenge attached. Can you design a poster that can be displayed at the beach to remind people to stay safe in the sun? Remember to use a title and attractive colours to make the reader want to look at your poster. Check out this short video to help give you ideas –

We hope you are all managing to complete some of the Learning Grid activities. Remember we are here to help – just comment below or message us through the Learning Journals system with any questions.

sun safety – 28.05.20

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

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