Welcome Primary 3 to Thursday’s blog post! We’re now nearly at the end of the week which means we’re nearly at the weekend! Thank you so much to all of you who took part in our Teams chats yesterday, it was so lovely to hear from you and we love hearing stories of what you’ve been up to and how creative you are being.

For today’s Children’s Gardening Week ideas, why not try to make this DIY bird-feeder using a plastic bottle, some scissors, pencils, string and bird feed? Remember that anything using scissors and cutting into the bottle will need to be done with an adult! But hopefully the bird feeder can be used to attract all kinds of birds to your garden like the Blue Tits Annabel has had visiting her garden!


Reading: Answer these comprehension questions related to your stories. Use full sentences with capital letters and full stops.

Don’t Press the Button

  1. Who pressed the wrong button and filled the spaceship with footballs?
  2. What did the buttons on the spacesuits do?
  3. Where on the ship was the fabricator?
  4. When did the fabricator make a humming noise?
  5. Why was Ant not listening to Nok?
  6. How did they all enjoy themselves at the end of the story?

The Empty Palace

  1. Who were they looking for in the palace?
  2. What happened to the people in the palace?
  3. Where did they find Arkon?
  4. When did Tiger’s watch start glowing red?
  5. Why did Badlaw take the King and Queen?
  6. How did they escape the palace?

The Sands of Akwa

  1. Who was the Akwan warrior who introduced himself to the group?
  2. What was the name of the beast that attacked the group?
  3. Where did the group split up to?
  4. When did the two Raptiss start to fight each other?
  5. Why were the group on Akwa?
  6. How did the three friends protect Livi?

Tom Thumb and the Football Team

  1. Who cut open the fish to find Tom Thumb?
  2. What game did Tom Thumbs dad teach him how to play?
  3. Where did the Tinker find Tom Thumb?
  4. When did Tom escape the house?
  5. Why do you think Tom was desperate to get outside?
  6. How did Tom get back home at the end?

Stinky Street

  1. Who wanted to buy Franklin’s house?
  2. What did Franklin put behind the radiator?
  3. Where did Mr Bragg end up buying?
  4. When does the factory do fish pies?
  5. Why do you think Franklin didn’t want to move?
  6. How did Mrs Cox save the day?

Numeracy: Letter patterns – look at these patterns and try to complete them by figuring out the patterns and continuing them.

  1. m n o p q r … …
  2. C D E F G H … …
  3. L K J I H … …
  4. b d f h j l … …
  5. r q p o n … …
  6. E H K N Q … …
  7. ab cd ef gh ij … …
  8. az by cx dw … …
  9. a c e g I … …
  10. zy xw vu ts … …

Number Talks

8 x 5                                       15 x 10

8 x 2                                       15 x 1

8 x 50                                     10 x 11

8 x 56                                     5 x 11

15 x 11

Challenge Sum

615 x 83

Thank you for your continued hard work and support

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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