Good morning everyone. How are we all doing with our learning tasks? Did anyone manage to solve the Maths problem yesterday? It was such amazing weather though, so hopefully you all were outside enjoying that too!

Today Mrs Ferguson has a PE challenge for you all below to practise your throwing and your aim.

Over arm target throw

Can you please remember to log your activity on the Get Set Tokyo web page to win you or our school some sports equipment and prizes!

Numeracy Division Sums (with no remainders)

Should you wish to try the ‘Hot’ challenge, please see the Teams files for instructional videos on how we write out division sums.

Mild Dividing by 2 and 3

Spicy Dividing by 4 and 5

Hot Dividing by 3 and 4 Beyond the 3 and 4 times tables stations. (Please see the instructional video to show an introduction to written division if you wish to choose a challenge.)


Please see Teams files for Phonics stories for this week’s words.


True or false. Please read the statements below to check whether they are true or false. If the statement is false, write out the correct statement in a full sentence. If it is true, write ‘true’ and write down the page number you found the true statement on. Make up 3 of your own when you are finished.

Yellow/ Level 11 – The Huge Horrible Beast

  1. Ze lived in the African plains.
  2. Ze was clever, but not very brave.
  3. His father gave him advice to pick up and keep anything he found on his journey.
  4. Ze told the widow he was travelling in search of his fortune.
  5. Ze was terribly scared of the huge and horrible beast in the barn.
  6. Ze took the whole chest of golden coins home with him.
  7. The monkey stole the coin bag from the milkman.
  8. The monkey kept the coins safe up in her tree.

Red – Jungle Shorts

  1. Lenny was at the front of the line because he was getting help with his stuck zip.
  2. Mr Cox told the class the letter wasn’t very exciting.
  3. Lenny begged his Mum for a real football strip.
  4. They had pancakes for tea with jam and pineapples.
  5. The market was 2 streets away from where Lenny lived.
  6. He saw a man who wore a wide straw hat and jungle shorts at the market.

Blue – Battle With the Beast

  1. Arkon was standing in front of a glistening blue lake full of electricity.
  2. The Pool of Power is a mighty energy source.
  3. Every 500 years the Pool of Power needs to be recharged.
  4. The map was on the island in the centre of the Pool of Power.
  5. They all pressed buttons on their backs to fly.
  6. When Nok touched the rock, a rainbow filled the sky.

Level 8 – Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home

  1. Winnie hated flying on her broomstick and looking at the streets below. She had a fear of heights.
  2. The streets were empty and Winnie and Wilbur had to stay at home.
  3. Winnie thought it would be easy to stay at home all the time.
  4. Wilbur liked to lick his paws and wash his face.
  5. Wilbur loved the new collar Winnie made him.
  6. Winnie sang a song as she washed her hands.

Level 6 – The Junk Cruncher

  1. Planet Senton is the closest planet to Exis.
  2. Planet Senton was a lovely clean planet.
  3. The Junk Cruncher looked like an ugly fish.
  4. Its job was to swim around in Space looking for water.
  5. Inside the Junk Cruncher it was like a palace.
  6. There were lots of other fish inside sorting out the rubbish.

Number Talks:

2 x 124                    35 x 10

6 x 100                    35 x 2

6 x 20                      35 x 20

6 x 4                        35 x 24

6 x 124

Challenge Sum

362 x 54

Have a great day and let us know how you get on with the learning tasks for today.

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith.

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