Bonjour tout le monde, ca va? J’espère que tout va bien! Remember we have our class chats this morning at 10am, we are looking forward to hearing from you all!

Have you all visited the Great Science Share website yet? They are hosting a groove along that you can get involved in:

As well as this, they set science themes for investigating each week.

This week’s theme is UN World Environment Day. You can ask questions which will be answered by experts and share your learning along the way to be shown in their online showcase.


Writing Task Watch the clip about a boy and his robot who go off in search of energy packs for the robot. Can you make a written account of the story, using lots of description. What do they see, where do they go and what happens? Your story should show a clear beginning, middle and end and show this in paragraphs. Perhaps you can try to add speech to let us know what you think would have been said between the Robot and the little boy.

Please share your stories with us when they are done and remember your core targets:

Core Targets for all Writing
  • Write sentences with capital letters and full stops.
  • Spell most common and CVC words correctly.
  • Join sentences with a variety of conjunctions.
  • Handwriting should be linked.

Maths: We are reading scales today! Not musical scales, but weighing scales. I know a lot of you have been busy in the kitchen and so we are going to mix cookery and maths. Make sure to always wash your hands before handling food! If you have kitchen scales at home, take some items you want to weigh and tell us what they are and what the weight using the scales:

What Does It Weigh

If you don’t have kitchen scales, or if you do and you fancy playing a weighing game, inputting weight in either kilograms or grams:

Number Talks:

2 x 45                      4 x 22

5 x 100                    6 x 11

5 x 40                      3 x 22

5 x 5

5 x 245

Challenge Sum

235 x 74

Well done everyone!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

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