Good morning Primary 1! Happy Wednesday.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well and that you are enjoying completing the work set as well as having some time to play.
Are you managing to get outside for some exercise each day? If you get a chance we would love it if you could continue to log your exercise through this website:

Today we would like you to have a look at the next Article from the Rights Respecting Schools Award. Thank you to everyone who has completed these tasks so far and posted photos of their work on the Learning Journals. We are using these photos as evidence which we will put towards our re-accreditation attempt later in the year.
This week’s article is number 19: protection from violence, abuse and neglect. At the Primary 1 level we will be focusing on people who protect us and keep us safe in our everyday life. Why don’t you watch and sing the ‘Bounceback’ song to start thinking about ways to cope when things go wrong and about people who help us.

You are welcome to do any of the activities in the slide below, however, here are 2 that I think the Primary 1s would enjoy:
1. Can you create a poster showing some of the rules put in place to keep you safe? Your poster could display rules to stay safe in the garden, in the classroom, at the swimming pool, in a car etc. Choose 1 place and draw or write 3 or 4 rules that you try to keep.
2. There are many people all around us whose job is to keep you safe. Draw or write a list of some of these people in your jotter and talk to an adult about some of the things these people do to keep you safe.

We hope that you are getting on well with all the activities posted in the learning grids on Monday. If you have any questions about the activities or about your child’s learning then please get in touch.
Have a lovely day.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

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