Good morning Primary 1!

Did you know it was children’s gardening week last week? We would like to challenge you to look at some of the fun gardening activities on the National Children’s Gardening Week website. To get involved, just look at the ‘Things to Do section of their website:

Today we would like you to create your own pebble garden marker or insect. All you will need is a smooth garden pebble and some paint.


  1. Wash your rocks with water and let them dry. Think about what bugs/garden marker you would like to paint e.g.  ladybird, bee, vegetable etc
  2. When the rocks are dry, start painting your bugs.
  3. Let the paint dry and then paint a layer of gloss varnish on top
  4. Give your pebble to a friend (you can leave this at their door for them to put in their garden!)

For more information about this activity and downloadable sheets you can follow the links below:

Thank you for your continued support,

Primary 1 teachers

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