Hello Primary 2,

How are you all? A bit of a change in the weather the past couple of days but hopefully you will still spend some of your days outside having fun and keeping healthy! Thursday would normally be PE day with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity for you to try at home:

Hands and Feet

Lots of you have been managing to complete some super school work this week too. Here are a few photographs for you to see what some of your friends have been up to:

If you are looking for something in addition to the activities on your grids some of you may be interested in these exciting investigations and experiments with some STEM learning. There are some great ideas on the following website. We think some of you might particularly enjoy making the Balloon Rocket or the Climbing Bug!

Early Years & Primary Home Learning

Grounds4Nature Garden Bioblitz

Here is a special research activity that you might like to do at home. Spend some time outside with your family looking for as many different types of wild plants and animals as you can (not pets, people or planted flowers!) between 4th -11th June 2020. Look at and on flowers, bushes and trees, under stones, in leaf litter, on walls, in your grass – everywhere! Record the wildlife you see using the attached guide. With an adult’s help you will be able to go online and compare your findings with other people – maybe you will discover a new plant or animal that nobody else has seen!

Grounds 4 Nature Garden Bioblitz – step-by-step guide

For a little break and relaxation during the day why don’t you listen to a story from Miss Rafferty on your Learner’s Journal. We hope you have a good day Primary 2 and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


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