Happy Friday everyone!
How are you all? We hope you have had a lovely week and that you have had time to do learning, playing and relaxing. We have had a lovely week looking at all your posts on your learning journals, it brings a smile to our faces! Thank you for all your hard work primary 1s.
We have seen lots of kindness over the past few months, including kind acts from you! We thought we could challenge ourselves to do another act of kindness today.
You could do something to help around the house, tell a joke, make something for a friend or family member or teach someone something new.
We have joined in on this challenge too! Miss Christy baked cookies and made face masks for her neighbours to help them feel safe going out. Miss Daun wrote a letter to her Auntie last week who lives alone. Her Auntie phoned her back to say it made her feel really happy. ┬áMiss Cunningham arranged flowers to be delivered to some of her friends’ houses. They loved them! It is really nice to do something kind for someone because it makes you and them feel happy.
We hope you enjoy doing an extra kind thing for someone this weekend.
Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun.
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