Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Did you enjoy seeing photos of your friends in our blog gallery yesterday? Remember to upload photos to your Learning Journal when you can. The photos could show you taking part in learning activities or may just be you having fun – either way we love to see them. We have also been keeping track of who is using Education City and it is lovely to see so many of you engaging with this. Keep up the good work!

With today being Friday we suggest you do a short spelling quiz – ask an older sibling or parent/carer to read out your spelling words and see if you can remember how to spell them. We usually do handwriting on a Friday so make sure all those letter formations are correct! Remember some letters have tails that go under the line, others are tall letters – take your time and see if you can get the sizes correct.

Friday’s usually mean a little French too – we have already explored the weather and have definitely seen a wide range of weather this week! Can you listen to and learn the song below? Do you remember what each phrase means? if not, use the internet to help you.

Most importantly – Friday means FREE TIME FRIDAY! We are sure you have all earnt your time this week so take time to play!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

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