Good morning Primary 3 and welcome back to another week of hopefully fun and challenging work and even better weather so you can relax and enjoy the sun if it comes! Since the lockdown began there have been different stories of the environment healing and of the world becoming greener and healthier. And what better way to do our part than to think about World Oceans Day which is today! All week we will be thinking about activities to do to keep the environment and specifically the seas and oceans of the world in mind.

Today we are looking at using up any old toilet roll tubes you have at home to create an octopus! Mr Woodward is incredibly creeped out by octopuses but he knows that you can all make them cute and beautiful and make them much less scary for him!

The Article of the week this week is number 42: The right that everyone knows about you rights!

Some activities you can try include

  • Do you know your ‘birthday right?’ This is a fun idea thought up by schools in the North East of England – look up, and remember if you can, the article with the same number as the day of the month you were born. Try to get all your family and friends to know their ‘Birthday Right’. Here are all the rights on one page.
  • Imagine that you didn’t know any rights and that all children everywhere have rights. How would you feel about that? Can you think of any problems children might face? Write a poem or story called “Child with no Rights”.
  • Have a look and a listen to some of the songs and videos made by schools to hep children learn about rights. Which one do you like best? Share this with your family and safely on-line with your friends.
  • If you were a teacher of very young children, how would you help them to understand about their rights. This video made by Unicef Australia might help to get you started.

Your Problem Solving for today, there may be more than one solution so try to find different ways of doing it if you can!

Number Talks:

2 x 15                                     4 x 25

5 x 100                                  5 x 25

5 x 10                                     25 x 10

5 x 50                                     20 x 25

5 x 150                                  25 x 25

Challenge Sum

512 x 38


Read the second half of your book.

  • Yellow/ Level 11 – The Huge Horrible Beast
  • Red – Jungle Shorts
  • Blue – Battle With the Beast
  • Level 8 – Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home
  • Level 6 – The Junk Cruncher

Spelling words for this week: Spelling Words Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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