Good morning Primary 1. We hope that you had a lovely weekend and managed to have a good rest and lots of fun.
It is so important to stay active and healthy while we are at home and so here are a few dances we used to enjoy in class that you might want to try this morning:


Attached below are the learning activities for the coming week and the associated resources. Please try to complete as many of these as you can throughout the week.


Literacy Week 10

Book template


Maths Week 10

Below is a video by Miss Daun introducing bar charts. Please watch this first before completing the grid activities.

old macdonald bar chart   (The bar graph worksheet)

tally mark car hunt

number talks week 10 (the video with the answers to these Number Talks patterns will be posted in the Learning Journal Message alongside the reading activity)

Other areas of the curriculum

IDL Week 10

Arable or livestock sorting cards

Right Way Wrong Way PE activity

We hope that you have a fantastic week of learning and fun. Please keep posting on the Learning Journals to let us know how you are getting on.
Miss Cunningham, Miss Daun and Miss Christy

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