Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Tuesday! Have you managed to watch some of the powerpoints to help with your learning? We hope that you have found them useful. Remember to keep posting in the Learning Journals so we can comment on all your hard work.

Let’s get moving

Why don’t you try one of this Just Dance’s that we know you all love!


Article 42- Knowledge of Rights

Governments must actively work to make sure children and adults know about the Convention. Here are some activities for you to do to help understand this Article :

  • Have a look and a listen to some of the songs and videos made by schools to hep children learn about rights. Which one do you like best? Share this with your family and safely on-line with your friends.
  • If you were a teacher of very young children, how would you help them to understand about their rights. This video made by Unicef Australia might help to get you started.



Through our topic of Hot and Cold Countries you have been learning about animals from all over the world. A great way to see some of them is to watch the live cams from Edinburgh Zoo. Why don’t you check in on them now and again to see what they are up to.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

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