Good morning Primary 3 and welcome to Mercredi, or Wednesday! We hope you’ve been having a fabulous week so far and we are very much looking forward to our Teams chat at 10am, it’s always what we look forward to most about our week!

For today’s ocean themed activity all you will need is paper, some paint and then anything else you’d like to add yourself on top of that because today we are thinking of making hand-fish. As it turns out a handfish is an actual fish but our hand fish will be fish made out of your own hands! Just add paint to your hands and press your hands to your paper and then add eyes and a mouth and decorate the scene around it, we’d love to see a school of weird and wonderful fish and remember, we may all be different fish but we all swim together!

Maths: For maths today we are leaving weighing behind and looking at volume. Measuring volume means measuring how much of a liquid you have. For volume we use millilitres (ml) and litres (L). There are 1,000 ml in 1 L and in every 1 L there are 1,000 ml. Try these conversions between litres and millilitres:

Converting ml to L

Number Talks

8 x 100                                  10 x 54

8 x 10                                     2 x 54

8 x 2                                       54 x 36

Challenge Sum

834 x 63


One Reading group last week read about Winnie and Wilbur staying at home, just like we have had to do for months now. Have a little read of

the book and try to write your own Winnie and Wilbur story?

Here is a planning page to get you started. Remember, of course, your core targets. Remember also your paragraphs to show a clear beginning, middle and end. As a challenge, try to use speech marks within your story to show what might be being said. There are some useful phrases in the plan for you to use, but please pad your story out using descriptions. Show the reader with your choice of words, don’t just tell them what is happening.

Writing Plan Winnie and Wilbur

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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