Good morning Primary 3! It was fantastic to hear from you all yesterday, it definitely put an extra spring in our steps listening to your wonderful news and stories!

For today’s ocean themed activity we are getting our science on! We are asking, if you have the materials, to experiment with buoyancy. Before you begin, write your hypothesis, what do you think will happen and what do you think allows sharks to float? Follow the instructions and try to write your own science report on the attached reporting sheet as you are doing the experiment. science investigation sheet

Shark Buoyancy Experiment:


Toilet paper roll


3 pennies


Vegetable oil





Draw a shark on the toilet paper roll (or cut out a shark on paper and tape it on).

Tape 3 pennies, equally spaced, on the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

Fill the bowl with water.

Drop the shark in the water. What happens?

Fill a balloon with vegetable oil, tie the balloon closed.

Place the balloon inside the middle of the toilet paper roll.

Place the shark back in the bowl of water. Now what happens? Why do you think it happens? What does it tell you about how sharks stay afloat in water?

Numeracy: Today’s Numeracy is all about number square patterns. We would like you to use your times tables on this number square: What do you notice about the times tables patterns? Do any of the patterns look the same? What kind of patterns do they make? Try as many different times tables as you can and see what patterns you can make. Try to do more than one times table at the same time using different colours and see what patterns you can make, what happens when times tables have the same numbers in them? You could also make it into a game with someone in your house, who can complete their times table first. Take turns to fill in the squares but remember that if you both need the same number to complete your table you will have to think carefully about when to colour it in!

Number Talks

4 x 100                                  4 x 35

4 x 12                                     5 x 35

8 x 112                                  10 x 35

20 x 35

25 x 35

Challenge Sum

812 x 43


Reading for today is slightly different from our normal Thursday reading.  Today it is about reading and talking about your understandings.

As you are reading the activities, you will be working on your critical thinking skills, working out the meaning of the information you are reading and thinking about what it is asking you to do.

It is not expected that you complete them all, there is a selection included that you can choose from. It would be great if you could complete them with an adult or a sibling so that you can share your thoughts and reasoning with them and have a discussion around your understanding.

**Please note – the answers are at the end of the pack of activities for the adults or for checking once done.**

Reading and Reasoning Skills

Thank you for your continued support and hard work,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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