Hello Everyone,

What a rainy day it was yesterday! Did any of you get your wellies on and get out and about to do some puddle jumping?

Thursday would normally be PE with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity to get you moving:

Save the Treasure

Next week will be Sports Week so look out for some more exciting activities then.

Now that we are able to see one other family a day outdoors, some of you may be meeting up with friends who you have not seen since school closed. It is really hard to remember to keep 2 metres apart when you are playing isn’t it! We thought you might enjoy some of these games which you can play at a safe distance and still have lots of fun. It would be really good to practise them with others in your household too so that you can teach the games to your friends when we are back at school!

-Chalk walk – design a chalk trail on the pavement for your friend. 1 person complete it at a time. The other person can stand back 2 metres and time the other person. You can draw movements such as hop, hopscotch, spin, run on the spot, a maze or you can even add noises they need to make in a box e.g. whistle, snort etc. Here are some ideas:


-Mirroring – Stand 2 metres apart facing each other. One person is the leader and does some sort of movement e.g. waving, star jumps etc and the other copies. See who can do the funniest move!

-Laughing Challenge – Sit 2 metres apart. 1 person is not allowed to speak , the other has to make them laugh by e.g. making funny noises, telling jokes, funny faces etc. When the person laughs swap over.

-Storytelling – Sit 2 metres apart facing a partner. Start a story e.g. One sunny day a dinosaur walked into school. The next person says ‘And then…’ to carry on the story e.g ‘And then stomped into the dinner hall demanding pizza!’ Take turns to add a sentence at a time and see how silly and funny you can make the story!

We know that many of you love playing with the Lego during choosing time in class and with the weather not being as nice the past few days, maybe you would like to try some of these Lego experiments:

Have a good day Primary 2 and let us know how you are getting on.


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty




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