Monday 15th June

Good morning boys and girls!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for our final two weeks of the term. This year, our last two weeks of P3 are looking very different to normal, however, we have some very exciting things coming up.

Mrs Ferguson has been busy planning a virtual Sports Day with the P7s and some of the Sports Committee from the Upper School. I have had a look at what is involved and it is very exciting indeed. A message of support has been given to you all to cheer the house teams along too! Let us know what you thought of it once you watch it!

There are a few activities for you to complete. It is up to you whether you complete these all in one day, a few a day or just one a day this week. The important thing is that you keep track of your scores and at the end of all of the activities, you submit your scores into the form provided. Mrs Ferguson will then count everyone’s scores altogether and announce the winning house, exciting stuff!  Mr Woodward and I will be taking part for our teams too! Let’s go Waverley, let’s go! J

Please see the blog for more information.

Rights Respecting Schools

This week our RRS Article is all about discrimination. Article 2 is in the News right now, so could make for some interesting discussion. Some activities you may wish to try are:

  • Article 2 uses some words you might not know very well. Look up discrimination, ethnicity, race and gender to find out what they mean. Try to explain Article 2 to somebody at home now that you know the meaning of these words.

  • Being happy and proud about who we are as people is important. If you have read the book ‘The Flamingo Who Didn’t Want To Be Pink’, children at William Tyndale School made the story into a video. Try to get all your family and friends to tell you the best things they like about being themselves and the best things about you.
  • Imagine that you are treated differently and not allowed to go to school, have friends and play because of the colour of your hair. … How would this feel? What would you say and do? Discuss this with the grown ups at home
  • Look at these images above. They show Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Create a poster showing these images with a written caption explaining what each word means and why Article 2: Non-Discrimination is important.

Please remember to forward on all work you do with these articles to help build evidence for the reaccreditation of our Gold award. Thank you.


Spelling Words Week Beginning 15th June 2020

This will be our last formal week of giving spelling words. Remember to go over your common words too.

Problem Solving

Tom’s Dad sowed some tomato seed in February. He gave Tom one of the tomato plants in a pot.

At the beginning of May, Tom put his tomato plant outside. On the same day he sowed a bean in another pot.

Ten days later the bean plant was just 1 cm (centimetre) above the soil surface. Tom measured his tomato plant which was already 38 cm tall.

Each evening Tom measured his two plants.

On the evening of the next day the little bean plant had grown another 2 cm so it was 3 cm high. Each day it continued to grow double the amount it had grown the day before.

The tomato plant grew at a steady 5 cm a day.

After how many days were the two plants the same height when Tom measured them in the evening? How high were they?

Well done everyone for all of your hard work this term. We are so close to the end of P3 now and could not be more proud of how well you are doing. Thank you again to the parent’s for all of your support.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

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