How are you all today Primary 3?

I hope you managed to get some sports day activities completed yesterday? If not, don’t worry, you have all week! The important thing to remember is to save all of your scores and submit them altogether on the online form.

Today for Maths, we thought it would be a good idea to go over mixed sums. You will find multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in the worksheets below. Choose your challenge and see how you get on. Please refer to the original instruction videos if you get stuck.

Mild Addition and Subtraction

Spicy Addition and Subtraction

Hot Addition and Subtraction

Mild Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Spicy Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Hot Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Please find the phonics Stories in the Teams files for practise with sounds.

Reading: For reading today we want you to choose one of the books from your reading passport from yesterday. Pick 1 character from that book for our study for today. It doesn’t have to be your favourite character it can be any character as long as you find them interesting. Draw your character in the middle of a sheet of paper and then you are going to write as many descriptive words around your character as possible. We are looking for you to describe what the character is like not what they look like. Are they brave, are they loyal, honest, funny etc. Fill up your page with descriptive words. Then we would like you to write a short paragraph telling us why you chose this character and why they are important to the story/ interesting in the story. Here is Mr Woodward’s picture and description to give you some ideas (please don’t judge the drawing too harshly, Mr Woodward can’t draw feet or hands well!):

Number Talks

15 ÷ 3                       40 ÷ 4

30 ÷ 3                      24 ÷ 4

21 ÷ 3                       64 ÷ 4

51 ÷ 3                       128 ÷ 4

Challenge Sum

342 ÷ 6

Well done Primary three. We can’t wait to see who the winning house is for Sports Day! Keep up the good work!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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