Good morning and Super Science Share day to you all!

Today is very exciting. If you have been following the Great Science Share and taking part in our weekly Science themes, the day has come to celebrate all things Science!

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Once you have filled it in with information about your favourite science question and experiment, upload it here: Great Science Share

Here are all of the activities happening all day today along with times, but please visit the page to access links and further information. These are screen grabs and are not very clear.











Thank you everyone! Don’t forget to share anything you do with us connected with Science, especially today. Let us know what you thought!

Writing: For today’s writing we are going to revise letter writing from the first term. Remember when we wrote letters to Mrs Thunder, and to the chairs when they quit on us? That was persuasive writing but today we are looking at writing letters. Think about the author of one of your books from your reading passport. We’d like you to write a letter to the author thanking them for writing their story so you are able to read it. You should talk about why you like that book, what are some of the characters you like and why and what you like about the story and think of a question you’d like to ask your author. Here is a template to help you, feel free to use it or write your own.

Author Letter

Maths: Here is a selection of work that will help you to revise some of the maths we have worked on this year. There is time, money, shape, fractions and measure. We do not expect you to complete these today or even this week. There are 10 sheets all together and please work through them at your own pace in your own time.

Maths Revision

Number Talks

15 ÷ 5                                    100 ÷ 4

25 ÷ 5                                    64 ÷ 4

40 ÷ 5                                    164 ÷ 4

65 ÷ 5                                    228 ÷ 4

Challenge Sum

336 ÷ 7

Remember…stay sporty! Let’s keep these points coming in!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.


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