Good morning Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well today.

A little bit of a secret task coming up below so if your Dad happens to be reading this tell him to STOP NOW! Ask someone else to help you read the next part

Right boys and girls Sunday is Father’s Day so you might want to prepare something special for your Dad or maybe you could choose someone else close to you. We have put together a few ideas for you below. If you make something, are you able to keep it a secret and pop it under your bed or in a drawer until Sunday?

-Make a medal, certificate or trophy


-Make a Father’s Day Card – here are some ideas


-Write 5 (or 10 things) you love about your Dad/ someone special. 

-Ask someone to help you plan a special lunch -you could even make a menu and play waiter/waitress by taking his order. Think about setting a table or tray nicely and maybe even playing some relaxing music like a restaurant !

-Plan a games afternoon/evening with all your Dad’s favourite games.

We are sure that life at home can be very busy for many of you just now so here is it a little 5 minute activity to slow everything down – a mindfulness activity from Cosmic Yoga. Boys and Girls you can grab a teddy to do it with but adults we would really recommend trying to take 5 minutes with your children and sit on the floor to also do this with them  – it will benefit everyone!

Have a good day Primary 2. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


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