Good morning Primary 1

I hope that you have had a great time this week taking part in our Sports Day at home. I can’t wait to find out which house has won! If you haven’t already, please remember to update the online form with your score from each event. Here is a link to the spreadsheet:

What was your favourite activity?

Are there any you want to try again?

Why don’t you create your own sports day activities for your family to try over the weekend? Think about fun sports you can do in your back garden or in your Living room. You might want to see who can balance on 1 leg the longest or see who can hop the fastest around the garden? Remember you will need to keep scores and create a prize for the winner.

You can also log your information on Get Set Tokyo. Well done Primary 1, we met our target last week!!!

Alternatively, why don’t you try some of these super exercise videos in your house? It is so important to exercise every day: it keeps our heart healthy, our bones strong and stops us getting sick.


Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

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