Good morning Primary 1
How are you all? Can you believe that it’s the last Tuesday you’ll ever have as a Primary 1? This week you will be getting a letter telling you who your new teacher will be and about what your school week should look like. Therefore, we thought this would be a good opportunity for you to talk to the adults at home about what you are looking forward to in Primary 2, what you are nervous about and how you think Primary 2 will be different from Primary 1.
Listen to the PowerPoint below which talks about how school will be different due to COVID19 and then talk through the discussion points below.

transition to p2

Questions to discuss:
– What differences do you expect to see in the Primary 2 classroom?
– Where do you think you will hang up your coat?
– Where will you come into school as a Primary 2?
– What would you like to learn in Primary 2?
– What are you most excited about in Primary 2?
– What are you most nervous about in Primary 2?
– Who are you excited to play and learn with again?

Have a lovely day.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun, Miss Cunningham and Mrs Steel

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