Hello Primary 2,

How are you all today?

The weather has been a bit better this week – we wonder if any of you have been meeting up outside at a distance? Some of you will not have seen each other since school closed – do you have any messages for your friends in P2? We wondered if you might like to write them on a piece of paper and hold them up for a photo. We can then share them on the blog for your friends to see. If you wish to do this – post them to your Learner’s Journal by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday) and we will make sure they are included. Please don’t put your name on your message – we can only include your photo without your name.

In the last week of term we would normally have a bit of a clear out of our classroom. Do you have somewhere you think needs a tidy in the house -maybe your bedroom? We know that the adults in your house would be super proud if you tidy up somewhere you have been playing – maybe you could take a before and after photo to show us!  You could even put one of our tidy up songs on !

Hope you have a good day Primary 2. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

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