Welcome back to school once again! It was so lovely to see you all yesterday and hear all your news from the last few weeks.  We will be missing you today while you are at home but we have some fun activities for you to do which you can bring back to school tomorrow and share with us and the Primary One boys and girls.  Mrs Steel has given you all two worksheets to complete at home.  One is a writing task where you can list some of the things that you are really looking forward to in P2.  Think back to the things we all talked about yesterday and share them with your adult a home.  The second piece of work links to our story about Super Soap! Think back to what Super Soap told us about handwashing and why it is important-especially now we are back at school.  We would like you to create a poster showing how we wash our hands well.  Mrs Muir will be excited to see them tomorrow and we could even display them around the classroom as a reminder to us all.  The final thing we would like you to try is the game using the link below.  This helps us revise our numbers and its great fun.  We had a little look at it yesterday on the Smartboard.  You can start off with numbers to 20 and then challenge yourself with numbers to 50 or even 100!


Mrs Muir is really looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow.  We hope you have a great day!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel

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